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Students Weigh In On the Rigors and Challenges of the New Semester

by D’Anna Gibson

As semester one comes to an end, students are now experiencing their new classes in the second semester. Students may feel relieved and/or overwhelmed by the change.

“[It’s] very overwhelming and too much pressure,” said sophomore Carly Rubin.

“Amazingly, because I love all my classes and I work well with the teachers. They’re all classes I want to take besides math,” said junior Ambur Javed.

“[They are] a little disorganized, but I’m starting to get used to my new teachers but there are some I don’t like. I’m getting my work done,” said sophomore Mitchell Heath.

“My classes are good and I’m doing my work,” said freshperson Thompson Tarr.

“They’re great because they’re easy,” said senior Alyshia Palomo.

“First semester was pretty easy but I’m struggling with my second semester,” said freshperson Emma Fleming.

“They’re good; they’re less stressful than last semester. I only have one rigorous class,” said junior Megan Doster.

“They’re pretty good [and] manageable. I can keep a decent grade in each class,” said senior Nafchee Saimbre.

“I’m stressed because it’s a lot more work than it was last semester,” said junior Carlie Geisbert.

“Im stressed out, and I’m ready to graduate,” said senior Kayla Flanary.

“I want to transfer out of all of them because they’re overwhelming,” said sophomore Jackie Montano.

“[They are] good. My workload is bigger than last semester,” said junior Alyssa Neal.

“I’m handling my classes well except I wish that I had a different math class because it’s difficult,” said sophomore Darin Robey.

“I’m doing really well. I have easy classes and I have all A’s right now,” said senior Mathena Frederick.

“Its cool. I got all A’s…” said senior Ramel Williams.

“My first semester was hard, but my second semester is easy,” said freshperson Krystal Morales.

“They are easy because I understand them and my only hard class is FCC college algebra,” said senior Haley Spangler.

There were a fair amount of students who said that their classes were going well for them. Although, there was also a fair amount of students who said their classes were overwhelming and difficult.