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Super Bowl Ads Can Be Even More Entertaining Than the Game

by Ariana Johnson

This past Sunday millions of people tuned in to watch the Super Bowl. With that came the anticipation of seeing this years most iconic million dollar commercials. How well did they rise up to the challenge of being some of the best SB commercials ever seen?

Research has shown that the vast majority of viewers (upward of 75%) actually look forward more to seeing the commercials than the game. [1] You need to capture the viewer’s attention, and to do this companies usually try use things such as humor, strong messages, or visual appeal.

“[I liked] the ones that were about religion and equality because [I thought] that was cool,” said sophomore Chance Isanogle. When asked what made a good Super Bowl commercial, he added “Either it’s funny or has an emotional message.”

Student Amy Hernandez said “I didn’t really like any of the SB commercials this year; they seemed kind of washed out.”

“I thought the Alexa commercial for Amazon was good because it was funny,” commented sophomore Abdullah Alzahrani.

Ultimately, a great commercial wants to create an emotional connection with a specific target audience. [2] One advertisement company, Warschawski, uses the BEST model (shown below) to help determine whether their ads will be successful or not.

  • BRAND-CENTRIC — Does it reinforce the brand and what makes the brand unique?
  • EMOTIONAL CONNECTION — Does it make an emotional connection?
  • STAND OUT — Does it stand out from its competitors and is it memorable?
  • TARGET ACHIEVED — Does it have a clear target audience and does it achieve a business goal with that target?

Overall, it seems as though this was a successful year for SB commercials. The game was exciting but this years commercials were even more fun!


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