The History of Valentine’s Day

by Faith Naill

Although 62% of adults in the United States claim to celebrate Valentine’s Day, not many people actually know the history of the special day. [1]

It is hard to trace the true origin of Valentine’s Day, but over the years, the stories have built off each other creating a long, fun tale to tell.

 The day dates all the way back to 200-300 A.D. when two Christians, both known by the name Valentine, were martyred. A couple hundred years later, Pope Gelasius officially dedicated February 14th honoring Saint Valentine. [1]

It is unclear when Valentine’s Day became a romantic holiday, but it has since become a remarkable day of love.

Junior Leah Wells said “I know that it is named after a Saint Valentine. I feel like he was trying to win over some lady, so he made a whole day for her. Now it is just an overrated day where people have to have dates and buy each other chocolates. But my dad is my valentine this year.”

Junior Megan Allen said, “Valentine’s Day has no significant meaning. Also, it makes the loneliness feel even more lonely, but if you are in a relationship…. it could be fun.”

Junior Luke Gaffigan commented, “It’s a cool holiday, but it doesn’t affect me because I’m not in a relationship.”

“I’m not really sure how Valentine’s Day started. I feel like people just made it up as a day to appreciate one another,” Gaffigan added.

Nowadays, men and women will spend tons of money ($112 on average) to wow their significant others with presents, gifts and candies on the 14th of February. [1]

Some women would love to get a necklace, a bouquet of flowers, or a package of chocolate candies. Others might prefer a simple date night, or a fun evening in.



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