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There Are Plenty of Things To Do On Valentine’s Day

by Halle Wilson

Valentine’s Day is soon approaching and people are trying to think of places to go, what activities to do, and what to wear if they are going on a date for the first time. But, what people can’t decide sometimes is where to go for dinner on the night of Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is a time where people spend with their friends, family, significant others. You can either use that time to reflect on yourself, watch a comedy movie or something that makes you happy. When Valentine’s Day approaches, those without a significant other go into a panic because the day is associated with love. But it’s just not your time yet and it will come soon. Just be patient!

The best place to take your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day? Some suggestions are a walk in the park or a nice dinner. “A walk in the park and stopping in for a coffee or hot chocolate,” said senior Nathaniel Raynor.

“[I would go to] California on a mountain [and watch] the sunrise,” said junior Melissa Lajoie.

“[I would go to the] Carnival or the fair or a Valentine’s Day event,” said sophomore Bradley Phelps.

“Dutch’s Daughter is very high and fancy restaurant [and] would be a nice place to go out and eat,” said lunch lady Shelly Fraley.

“[I would go to] the beach because it’s peaceful. [It’s also] cold and nice,” said freshman Mekayla Chau.

People like to be treated very highly on Valentine’s Day because that’s a time to celebrate the ones you love and care about the most. These are the best places to go if you are thinking about doing it big on Valentine’s Day. But if you are planning on going to a restaurant, make your reservation soon!